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What does the agency of the future look like?

MAA Agency of the Future research shows UK agencies are optimistic and looking at the big picture

The MAA has announced the results of an extensive four-month study to understand the critical factors for agencies to succeed in the future and to support agencies to prepare and plan to stay competitive and relevant.

The study - spearheaded by Geometry Global UK’s chief executive officer Sarah Todd in her role as MAA’s co-chair for Agency of the Future - revealed industry-wide optimism that agencies will maintain their position as creative leaders and their role in supporting time-starved, resource constrained clients to succeed in a fast-changing landscape.

Qualitative research saw twenty industry leaders and influencers interviewed to establish the factors of success for the questionnaire. Full research was then completed by 100 senior leaders across agencies and intermediaries, from network and independent; small to large – with data analysis and insights interpreted by the Geometry team. The output was broadly consistent and positive across all agency types and sizes.

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Topline take-out

The survey showed that agencies are more committed than ever to putting clients at the heart of how they go to market by being strategic, more top to top partnership, delivery focused and more flexible on approach. Ninety-eight percent strongly agreed that they must demonstrate value beyond the marketing department and that one size no longer fits all.

The increasing number of management consultancies entering the ‘creative’ space was not considered a challenge - firmly confirming that agencies have great confidence in their client offering. Two thirds stated they are happy for agency rewards to be linked to agreed success metrics and 80 percent claimed to measure campaign effectiveness in relation to strategic goals.

Sarah Todd, the MAAs joint chair, agency of the future and chief executive officer of Geometry Global UK said:

What really stood out is how agencies are now much more externally focused when planning for the future. They are really looking at the bigger picture as to how they will stay relevant to their clients. It’s great to see the conversation has finally moved on beyond millennials, Brexit and digital.”

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